About our Founder Jerry Pfeil

Jerry and Jerry Sr

The picture attached shows Jerry Pfeil on the left at 19, and Jerry Pfeil Sr on the right. Jerry Pfeil sold cars at a GM store, in downtown Toronto for his Father, Jerry Pfeil Sr, who was the Sales Manager at that time. Senior was never an owner of a car dealership, but was a huge credit to the early years of learning the business for his son and one of the reasons why Jerry fell in love with the business at a young age.


As you explore our offerings,” Jerry often says, “know that each staff member shares your values—honesty, hard work, and the quest to provide for their families. We look forward to meeting all your automotive needs. Give us a try; you’ll be glad you did.

Jerry Pfeil embarked on his automotive career at the tender age of 19, setting the wheels in motion for what would become a lifetime journey in the industry. While attending McMaster University's Commerce Program, Jerry honed his entrepreneurial skills by selling cars during summer breaks. Following his graduation, he seized the opportunity to work as an Assistant Sales Manager at a prominent GM dealership in Pickering, Ontario. His ascent in the business was marked by several promotions and invaluable years of hands-on experience.

In 1999, Jerry took a pivotal step by purchasing his first dealership, Jerry Pfeil Pontiac Buick GMC, in Owen Sound. Relocating to the town with his wife and young son, he began his venture into dealership ownership. The dealership underwent its share of transformations, notably a brand shift to Mazda in 2010. Throughout these transitions, Jerry's core principle remained steadfast: to offer honest and trustworthy automotive advice to his clients.

For over two decades, this guiding philosophy has earned him not just business success, but also a respected place in the Owen Sound community—a place he now proudly calls home. Alongside his wife and two sons, Jerry finds joy in simple pleasures such as hockey, soccer, and relaxing Sundays spent in the backyard. When he's not overseeing his business or attending hockey games, Jerry emphasizes the importance of family values, both in his household and among his dedicated staff.

Through strategic decisions, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and tireless dedication, Jerry Pfeil has turned his early career aspirations into a robust network of dealerships. His story serves as a testament to what can be achieved through hard work, integrity, and a genuine passion for the automotive industry.